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We Know the Murfreesboro Real Estate Market.

From January 2019 to May 2019 our clients' ads have been seen collectively over 3,000,000 times. Our agents have 200+ hours of continuing education per year at their disposal. 

Dan Elam (our broker) has been in Murfreesboro real estate for 27+ years. Our Marketing Director was previously an industry leading internet advertising specialist and personally monitors our clients' performance online.

Only 20% of new agents renew their real estate license after the first 2 years. With high turnover, experts become rare. 

When it comes to advertising your home, things can get complicated. That's why we're here to make it a stress-free experience. 

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How do you sell a house in 2020?

Well... online. 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process according to the National Association Of Realtors (NAR). 

Let's start with what you need to know about real estate internet advertising. The following information will help you be a more informed seller. 


You need it to sell your house fast. Why? 2.5 Billion people according to Statistica. You want lots of people at your house at once. More demand, higher price.

Your agent will probably say they "Advertise your house on Facebook", but do they know what they're doing?

Facebook's network is the world's largest advertising network and includes:

  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  •  The "Audience Network" (which includes thousands of partner apps and websites off of Facebook)

What most real estate agents don't know:

  1. Facebook Posts Are NOT Ads - They don't reach enough people. Facebook wants money to show your house. They are also limited to only one of Facebook's platforms. Do you want to reach 100 people or 40,000? (See our stats)
  2. Business Pages Are Suppressed - It does not matter how many "Likes" your agent or agency has on their page. According to a study by Social Mosa as few as 1% of a page's "Like" Audience will interact with the posts on the page, and that was in 2013. Facebook has since suppressed business pages even more. 
  3. Demographic Targeting Is Obsolete - You can NOT target people by age, gender, or zip code. Facebook revokes these abilities for real estate professionals, and those that try will be banned from the platform. Modern real estate ad targeting must be done through custom audiences, the Facebook Pixel, and limited interest-based targeting.
  4. Facebook Wants LIVE Broadcasts - LIVE videos often get 6x as many interactions as regular video (which is already favored on Facebook). We teach our agents to do LIVE video walkthrough broadcasts of your home. But guess what? That's not enough. You also need to transcribe the broadcast after it happens to reach as many people as possible because most users watch videos on Facebook with the sound OFF
  5. The People Decide - Facebook suppresses ads and posts that people don't interact with, but they give you stats so you know what's happening. If a thumbnail isn't doing well on Facebook's network it's probably not doing well on any MLS fed site like Zillow. Click through rates can determine how effective your imagery is. Conversion rates, time on site, and other metrics can help determine if you are overpriced. 
  6. Outside Shots Are (Usually) Clicked On More - Our ads get anywhere from 3x to 12x the industry average click through rates on the Facebook network and we almost always use the outside image as our thumbnail (Benchmark from Wordstream). We've tried changing wording, adding emojis, you name it, but the outside shot seems to be the biggest predictor of success. 
  7. Forced Registration Is Bad For Your Home - Ever clicked on a home online and they wanted you to register before you could see it? Did you stay? We've found friends and family are ALSO looking at homes. They won't register. They will leave. The negative comments will start rolling in. What if instead you made it easy for them to share with the person they KNOW is looking? Agents like forced registration because they get more contacts for less money, increasing their web lead "Conversion Rate." It looks good on the surface, but does it make sense to contact people that don't want to be contacted? Wouldn't it be better for your agent to waste less time and focus on your home? 

Zillow (And Other Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Fed Websites):

These include almost every website that allows you to search for houses on the market. Examples of these sites are Zillow, Trulia,,, our website, and EVERY OTHER real estate company's website. 

We'll focus on Zillow since "Zillow" is Googled more than the term "Real Estate".

  1. Your House Will Be Filtered By Price - $299,900 will fall within someone's price filter while $300,000 may not. $100 is not worth it. Pricing filters are pretty much a universal on all listing sites. (Learn More) 
  2. Number Of Photos Affects Time On Market - According to Zillow you'll need more than 9.
  3. Your Agent's Email Needs To Be The Same On Zillow As The MLS - Agents, like everyone else, have too many email addresses. To show up on your agent's and their brokerage's Zillow profile, their email address has to match on Realtracs and Zillow (You'd be surprised how many don't.) 
  4. Zillow Favors Walkthrough Videos - While their algorithm is always changing we were almost guaranteed a spot on the first page of Zillow's Murfreesboro listings in 2018 after uploading walkthrough videos. It's not as powerful as it was but still a huge lift for your listing. Make sure your agent is doing this for you.  
  5. Zillow Is Launching "3D Home Virtual Tour" - We are predicting "3D Home Virtual Tour" will also get preferential treatment. Which is why we have purchased a special spherical camera endorsed by Zillow.
  6. Zillow (And Other Sites) Want Fresh Content - Changing the order of images, updating descriptions, and adding videos can fight ad fatigue. Some agents will try to re-list your home to "Refresh it" and to reset the "Days on Market Counter". In order for this to work on Zillow, your home must be OFF the market for at least 31 days

We depend on experts in marketing, mortgages, staging, photography, and more to get your home sold as fast as humanly possible for the most money. 

We would love to serve you.

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I met Dan a few months after I had lost my wife and son. I was trying to sell my house and was working with a guy at the time. Dan just said, "Keep me in mind. I promise I'll work hard for you." A few months later, I gave him a call and met with him. From the start he was very involved and diligent about getting my house sold. He knew it was a tough sell, but he didn't care. He knew my situation and was determined to help me. He worked his butt off doing everything he could to get my house sold. He never gave up. He and Melissa were there for me in my time of need. I tell anybody I know who's trying to buy or sell a house to call him. He works hard. I'll never use anybody else. If you want it done, call him. He'll make it happen.
Andrew McKnight
I told my husband to stop so we could at least begin a conversation / relationship with someone in Tennessee. As luck would have it, we met Leslie and we just want to let you know what a kind, caring and conscientious person (as well as agent) you are employing. Our goals are a bit in the future, and even though, Leslie continues to follow up, send kind notes, and really great listings to us. Sometimes we wish we could be moving now, however, we are sure Leslie will work with us to put us in our future "dream home". Whenever we have a question on a property, taxes, location or tweak our must haves, Leslie remains positive and supportive. One thing that she is outstanding at is returning our emails! AND they are from her, not computer generated. How often does that happen these days! Leslie is a wonderful person and an agent second, if real estate agents had a "bedside manner" she would be #1
Joe & Laura Falotico
Misty went above and beyond to help me find the perfect house for us even though we ended up with one completely different than what we told her we were looking for from the beginning. She never got frustrated even though we were in a hurry and ran her ragged for two whole days looking at several properties. I also liked Tracey's professionalism when handling things at the office. Everything was handled promptly and professionally. I couldn't give them a higher rating.
Stacey McNulty Hitt
Working with Misty has been awesome!! It is so helpful to have an agent that is attentive to all the details, and advocating for me. I also appreciate Isabel's attention to detail and taking time to answer my numerous and sometimes redundant questions. As I settle in to my new community I will definitely refer people to Elam as needed! I look forward to seeing this process completed.
Happy Customer
It was clear to both of us that this was THE house I was supposed to have. Leslie is awesome. She never lead me astray or pushed me into anything. Always responded quickly and kept in touch. I was fortunate to have her help me through the house hunting and closing process.
Megan K.
She stayed the same and was always willing to help beyond my expectations. We love her. The moment you'd rather forget? Can't think of anything. Leslie was supportive, helpful, informative and always willing to make time for us. Always answered our questions and if she could she would find an answer. We love and trust her.
Leslie is totally amazing! She gives so much of herself to each client, and genuinely cares about us. She is quick to respond, thorough in her research, listens to what her client wants, and gives very humble yet knowledgeable advice. We have used Leslie's services to sell our home AND to buy another, and I would have been insanely stressed out if it wasn't for her and her team at Elam. If I ever move again, her phone will be ringing! Great job team!!
During this run in I was extremely impressed with the research she had done prior to our meeting and calm demeanor she brought with her. Tempers flared and she stayed cool as a cucumber yet firm in her stance. She fought for me and what I wanted and I am forever grateful. The moment you'd rather forget? There isn't one. Really there isn't. Leslie was a rockstar in the sale of my home and purchase of my new home. She was always there for me and answered my questions and calls promptly every single time. I won't hesitate to refer her to friends and family in the future. I am grateful to now call her a friend!
Greg B.
They sold our home within 48 hours of listing and found our perfect home fast as well. They made what could have been a high stressful situation very relaxed, kept me updated daily, quick replies to all my questions and overall flawless transactions. I would highly recommend Elam for all of your real estate needs!
Sonja Stricklin
She never got frustrated even though we were in a hurry and ran her ragged for two whole days looking at several properties. I also liked Tracey's professionalism when handling things at the office. Everything was handled promptly and professionally. I couldn't give them a higher rating.
Stacey McNulty Hitt
What an incredible team of people! Our agent Leslie sat down with us and really listened to what we were looking for in a house, and worked very closely with Isabel to ensure that we got the right house at the right price for our budget. Not all companies have a team of people that all work so hard and work so closely together to provide the best experience for the customer...but Elam definitely does. I would recommend this real estate office for anyone who wants the absolute best service for the biggest purchase you will ever make!
Brittany Wilson Dye
My wife immediately said I should be polite and wait to text her in the morning and that she was probably sleeping. Less than 60 seconds later, Leslie, my wife and I were texting back and forth. Leslie was literally ALWAYS available. The moment you'd rather forget? Probably my wife and I bickering over small stuff in the house. My wife and I highly recommend Leslie Denny. She is a hard worker and was literally always available. She follows up with your questions immediately. If not by email, by text and a phone call. Even when Leslie needed to move on to a personal appointment or event and only had a certain amount of time to spend with us, Leslie ALWAYS made extra time if we showed interest in a specific home (even hours after she originally told us she needed to be somewhere else). Leslie simply made us feel like we were her priority. Not once in the whole process did we feel less than that. Referral We will definitely be passing along Leslie's name to anyone and everyone we know looking for a home or especially selling a home.
Grady R
Good Afternoon Dan!  We went back and forth if we should call or email you regarding your employee, Leslie.  Decided we would email so you have something to read from when recognizing Leslie. Two years ago our voyage began with Leslie, by chance.  We were driving on Memorial Blvd, saw your agency, came in the door and met Leslie, who would turn out to be more than our "agent" but a great and dear friend as well.  Leslie did not once fail to communicate with us during this period.  Sure we saw other homes with other agents / agencies but our heart always returned us to Leslie.  For example, while selling our home in Illinois, the communication was so bad we would turn to Leslie for guidance and she was always able to calm us down, not only with her knowledge, but anecdotes  of similar circumstances she had experienced.  We know from this  experience how things could go wrong, or not to a customer's satisfaction, but not with Leslie.  Leslie did everything for us crazy Northerners that she could, was always available and stuck with us through the buying, closing, and moving process in Murfreesboro.  This will be our forever home, God willing, and we look forward to making new friendships and having a fun second chapter.  We are so happy that Leslie will continue to be a part of this (if she wants??).  We will not hesitate to recommend Elam to our friends or people we meet along the way.  Outstanding commitment to customers, very amazing staff and an equally great experience with CMG and Rudy Title.  Not saying there weren't bumps along the way, but your entire team smoothed them out for us!  Sorry we were unable to meet you in the office, but perhaps we will see you at some point. Please recognize Leslie to the NTH degree.  She surely has what it takes,  the Murfreesboro community is always very complimentary of her when we tell them she has referred us to them for a service, and she is a genuinely nice woman! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Joe and Laura Falotico
Joe and Laura Falotico

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